Someone special to you has passed on and cooking is the last thing on your mind; however, that doesn’t mean the food at the funeral needs to be less than ideal.

Etai’s is fresh, healthy, and cooked to perfection. We’re proud to be a locally-owned and operated Denver-based catering business. With a variety of catering services, Etai’s Catering makes everything scratch-made in our kitchens. With a customizable menu, we know how to meet your needs, especially during this difficult time.

Funerals are never fun, but food helps to bring people together and remember some fond times together. Food is one of the best ways to remember someone because of the sensory details. When you choose Etai’s Catering for your loved one’s funeral, you can expect us to take one thing off of your mind and that’s the food that’s served. For more information about Etai’s Catering, contact us today.

What To Know About Our Funeral Catering Services

Funerals can be very difficult to get through. Whether it’s a close relative or a best friend, funerals can be heartbreaking. At our catering company, we want to make this time a little easier for you by taking one thing off of your plate: the food. Instead of you needing to worry about making anything or working out tiresome details with other catering companies, we strive to make it as simple as possible for you to order food during this difficult time. We know that you’re dealing with a lot, which is why we want to do a little something for you.

If you have eating restrictions that need to be addressed, our Denver funeral catering services will accommodate your dietary needs. We can meet your expectations of any diet and ensure that it’s great. Due to our scratch-made food, you won’t be disappointed in the amazing sides, delicious entrees, and out-of-this-world desserts.

We Make It Easy To Order

At Etai’s Catering, we make it easy to order from us. So easy, in fact, we’ll deliver the food right to your door or the funeral event. Wherever you may be hosting the funeral, Etai’s Catering will deliver it right where you want. If that’s not easy enough, we even offer ordering catering online, so you just need to follow the ordering information or you can give us a call to create a count. We will automatically bill you or you can safely enter your credit card information online to pay. We make ordering online catering extremely easy once you create an account.

About Etai’s Catering

At Etai’s Catering, we have a variety of options you can choose for your funeral catering. We offer everything from sandwiches and meat trays to desserts and everything in between such as salads, breakfasts, and even box lunches. Our catering company has been serving delicious food since 1994. Our fresh catering services include the best ingredients. We’re more than happy to service small, medium, or large parties and any type of event. By choosing the freshest ingredients, we’re able to create delicious food that is superb.