It’s time to plan your next corporate lunch.

Whether it’s a lunch-and-learn, a welcome event, or even just a chance to bring your whole team together at once, one thing is for sure: they’re all going to be counting on some good eats!

How can you be sure that you plan accordingly and get something that everyone will be satisfied with?

That’s simple. Follow these tips for what to serve at a corporate lunch and place your order with Etai’s Catering for the very best in fresh, corporate catering in Denver.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to corporate catering, the primary rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Whether it’s a formal or informal gathering, the fact remains that this is a professional business setting.

You don’t want to have people agonizing over messy plates or stuffing their face full of hot wings — no matter how tasty that may sound.

Instead, you want to have a bevy of fresh, healthy, and simple options for people to enjoy while they sit and chat, strategize, or listen to a presentation.

Cover All The Bases

When it comes to the menu for your corporate lunch, it’s important that you consider all of the many tastes converging on one room.

While it would be impossible to target every person and their preferences individually, it is still ideal to have a selection from which to choose — particularly for those who require specialty diets such as vegetarian or gluten free.

Consider having options like salad, gluten-free sandwiches, fruit, and other options to make sure that no one feels excluded and that everyone gets plenty to eat.

Corporate Catering Lunch Ideas

Now it’s time to get down to the good stuff. Since you have a general feel of what to plan for, it’s time to examine the menu and find the very best types of food for corporate lunches.

When it comes to corporate catering in Denver, Etai’s has been the top option for fresh food catering since 1994. We specialize in special events catering for corporate events and lunches, which makes us a valuable resource to have on your side during the event planning process.

Here are a few corporate lunch menu ideas:

  • Sandwich, Meat, And Veggie Trays: This is a favorite among corporate lunch organizers in Denver, largely because it allows people to pick and choose what they want from the spread. Consider full sandwich trays (with vegetarian and gluten-free options), meat and cheese trays, veggie trays, fruit trays, or mix and match from each category.
  • Boxed Lunches: You simply can’t go wrong with a boxed lunch for your corporate event. Box lunches cover all of the bases and include everything from a main course (typically a sandwich), a side salad, chips, and even a dessert. It’s a simple and convenient way to provide sustenance for your event.
  • Drinks: Of course, you can’t forget the drinks! People need to have something to wash all that good grub down, after all. Choose from soda, tea, water, and other fan-favorite items.

Are you ready to plan your next catered event? Order Denver corporate catering online from Etai’s today.