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Etai's Catering is a locally owned Colorado institution offering the very best in fresh catering since 1994. Our specialties include the freshest selection of Power Food Salads, traditional sandwiches and amazing sides of quinoa salad and the very best potato salad this side of the Mississippi.  Everything is scratch-made and delivered right to your door, desk or event.  

Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or large business meeting, Etai’s Catering is here to help make it great.
Everything on our new, easy-to-order menu is made in our own state-of the-art kitchen, with the freshest, premium ingredients. From delicious individual breakfasts and boxed lunches to beautiful trays that offer a variety of options for large gatherings, we have something for every palette. 


Power Food Salads!

Check out our new Power Food Salads.
Packed with micro and macro nutrients, these salads are low in calories, fat, sugar, sodium and saturated fat.


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