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In the fast-paced world of modern work, staying energized and focused throughout the day is essential for productivity. While quick fixes like caffeine and sugary snacks may provide temporary boosts, they often lead to crashes and burnout. Enter Etai's Catering power food salad – the ultimate solution for fueling your workday effectively.

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Corporate events serve as crucial opportunities to impress clients and foster meaningful connections. At Etai's Catering, serving the Denver Metro Area, Castle Rock, and Boulder, we recognize the significance of catering in leaving a lasting impression. With our expertise in corporate catering, we ensure to make your events memorable and successful.

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For those seeking to elevate their events in the Denver Metro Area, Castle Rock, and Boulder, Etai's Catering stands out as the premier choice for exquisite culinary experiences. Specializing in boxed lunch catering, full-service catering, and more, Etai's Catering brings a unique blend of diversity, quality, expertise, and flexibility to cater to various occasions.

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A lot has happened to get Etai’s Catering to where we are today! As a go-to Denver catering company, we’re passionate about providing breakfasts, boxed lunches, salads, desserts, and more for groups of every type and size. But how did we get to where we are now? We’re sharing the evolution of Etai’s Catering in today’s post, so learn more below, then place your catering order online today!


Love the idea of hosting a brunch, but regret it immediately when it comes to getting down to the nitty-gritty planning? Hosting an event of any kind can be stressful! Plus, if you’re hosting a personal event, you don’t want to spend the whole morning in the kitchen and miss out on spending time with your guests.

In today’s post, we’ll help give you some tips for throwing a low-maintenance brunch event that goes smoothly for everyone involved, including the host. These tips are helpful for brunches of any size, from a personal event like a baby shower to a corporate event. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of catering services in Denver, contact Etai’s Catering.


Here at Etai’s Catering in Denver, we love helping business owners support their employees and clients with top-notch breakfast catering. We offer full-service catering to your home, office, convention, or any other event where you need to feed a group a delicious morning meal!

When you order from Etai’s Catering, you can trust that you’re giving your guests the best. We offer a wide variety of breakfast options, including pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast burritos. All of our breads and pastries are baked at Izzo’s, our legendary Denver bakery, and we have fresh, delicious options for all dietary needs!

If you’ve never ordered breakfast catering before, it’s time you did! And if you’re on the fence about hosting a morning event, this blog post will help you understand the benefits of hosting a brunch event and, when you do, be sure to order breakfast catering from Etai’s!


This Chocolate Mousse is a great recipe for the whole family to make together. It’s a good introduction to cooking for kids because it teaches them that a little precision and a little patience can produce something that looks and tastes like magic.

(Waiting for the mousse to set before you can eat it also shows kids the importance of the adult virtue of delayed gratification, but that’s another story.)

Everyone can be involved in this recipe. An adult can chop the chocolate, the kids can take turns separating the eggs and whisking the egg yolks and then egg whites (though an adult with some dessert experience should keep a careful eye on the egg whites-if they’re over-beaten, the mousse will be grainy).


Here at Etai’s Catering, we cater a lot of corporate events, from employee picnics to business lunches and brunches. In our more than 25 years in the catering business, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for hosting corporate events. We know that there can be a lot on the line when choosing corporate catering, especially if you’re trying to close a deal or host a conference. Whether you’re celebrating an employee’s promotion, preparing for a big project, or hosting a client from out of town, a corporate brunch can be a great opportunity to get everyone together in one space, enjoying delicious, catered food.

In today’s blog, we’ll be looking specifically at hosting a corporate brunch. While you and your guests might not be morning people, our catering company has plenty of experience catering corporate brunches, and we’ll be up early making fresh breakfast burritos that your guests will love! Contact us today to get started.


This recipe has everything you need for Valentine’s day: chocolate, sharing, overindulgence and visual splendor.

It’s a version of a Swiss favorite. If you’ve ever been to a Swiss fondue restaurant, you usually start with a savory fondue made with cheese and finish with a chocolate fondue served with cake and fruit. The whole drama lies in dipping different flavorful garnishes in a rich, complex sauce.

Most Chocolate Fondues are made with bittersweet chocolate, but I find that the bittersweet is too intense by itself, so I like to mellow it out with a little milk chocolate.


When we think of the food that we serve for a Super Bowl party, it’s hard not to find a place for some kind of dip — some creamy, tangy, spicy concoction to complement something crispy like a potato chip, nacho, or celery stick.

The great thing about the idea of a ‘dip’ — a purely American concept, just like the Super Bowl — is that it is so versatile and wide ranging. Guacamole is Mexican, hummus is Middle Eastern, and mayonnaise is French, but when you think of these three dishes as dips, then they suddenly become American.

This quick and easy Parmesan Mayonnaise recipe is great as a dip for vegetables, chips, or even meat. It can also be turned into a deliciously browned, cooked topping for a toast or a pizza shell. Just preheat your broiler, spread the mayonnaise thinly on the bread or dough, and cook until golden and bubbly.


If you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, you know how hard it can be to find caterers and restaurants that don’t make you sick! Here at Etai’s Catering in Denver, we make sure that we have menus that fit every diet, including gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options. We understand that many people have dietary restrictions, and we believe that every catering company should be able to customize their menu to fit their customers needs!

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks for creating a great gluten free catering menu. If you’re interested in learning more about how our catering services can accommodate your needs, contact us today!


There are plenty of events we plan to have catered in our lives: work, holiday, graduation, and anniversary parties all come to mind, and wedding catering is definitely at the top of the list. What’s not typically at the forefront of our minds, though, is funeral catering.

We all know the day could come for our family members and even ourselves, but the event is often a surprise and can’t be planned for easily. It’s certainly wise to find catering services for the event to take some stress off of yourself, but don’t let your grief cloud judgment when choosing those catering services.

You can count on Etai’s Catering for funeral catering, but we recommend holding every catering company — including ours — accountable to the five key aspects below.


When you’re looking into corporate catering, it can feel like there are a thousand tasks to cross off your to-do list.

You need to determine the location, secure the catering company, decide on the menu, and — don’t forget! — have both vegetarian and gluten-free options for your employees.

The list can certainly feel daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. When you work with Etai’s Catering for corporate catering in the Denver area, you’ll have food that your vegetarian and gluten-free employees alike will love, and your employees without dietary restrictions will love it, too!

In today’s blog, we’re going to delve into the story of Udi’s bread, but you can trust us: your employees will love the business lunch catered by us if Udi’s bread has anything to do with it.


When hosting an event, one of the most important aspects to consider is the food spread.

This is particularly true when you are hosting an event with dozens — or even hundreds — of people in attendance.

Those people are going to have a wide range of pallets, tastes, and of course dietary restrictions.

How can you, as the event organizer and/or host, be certain that you are going to please everyone? While that may not always be possible, you can at least give it your best shot.

When it comes to providing breakfast, lunch, or even dinner to the guests at your next event, one thing you want to keep in mind is the gluten-free crowd.

What are some viable gluten-free catering ideas? Keep reading to find out and contact Etai’s — the very best in fresh and gluten-free catering in Denver — today.


Are you looking for reliable, fresh, and tasty Denver catering services?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Etai’s Catering has been your home for the very best in fresh, local catering since 1994.

From serving up convenient and delicious box lunches to offices in LoDo, to providing healthy and tasteful salads and sandwiches for special events all across Denver, we are here to help you every step of the way.

But when it comes to ordering catering services, sometimes it can be an overwhelming process. That is, if you don’t know how it works.

Etai’s Catering aims to make the process as easy as possible — from the time you first glance at our catering menu, to the moment when you place your order, all the way through delivering the food to your event, we’re here to help.

It’s fresh, it’s healthy, it’s Etai’s — keep reading to learn more about our catering process and place an order today!


There are several aspects of planning a funeral that many people don’t think about until the time comes.

One of those oft-forgotten parts is planning the funeral lunch. It’s likely that after a funeral, many of the family and friends who are celebrating the life of a loved one will want to gather to mingle, mourn, and honor together.

It is during this time that having a bevy of comforting, yet nutritious, food is imperative.

But if the onus of planning the funeral lunch falls on you, this can be easier said than done. If that seems to be the case, then don’t hesitate to contact Etai’s Catering.

We are happy to provide the very best in fresh, local funeral catering in Denver since 1994. Our options will be tasteful — and tasty — while also helping to provide comfort and nourishment for you, your friends, and your family.

So, what should you serve at a funeral lunch?

Keep reading to get a few ideas and place an order with Etai’s Catering in Denver...


Everyone wants to be the host with the most.

When it comes to hosting an event, you want to make sure you have the very best in every category — from food to entertainment, decor to ambiance, and everything in between.

That’s why finding a company to provide tasty, reliable, and convenient catering services is of paramount importance.

When it comes to the Denver catering scene, Etai’s knows a thing or two about providing the very best in fresh, local cuisine.

We have been around since 1994 and have made a name for ourselves in many ways. From the famed Izzio’s baked breads to the Power Food salads and convenient box lunches we offer, Etai’s is the logical choice to cater your next event in Denver.

What makes us stand apart from the other options on the wide-ranging catering services buffet? That’s simple. Keep reading to learn about what to look for in a catering company and place an order online with Etai’s Catering today.


It’s time to plan your next corporate lunch.

Whether it’s a lunch-and-learn, a welcome event, or even just a chance to bring your whole team together at once, one thing is for sure: they’re all going to be counting on some good eats!

How can you be sure that you plan accordingly and get something that everyone will be satisfied with?

That’s simple. Follow these tips for what to serve at a corporate lunch and place your order with Etai’s Catering for the very best in fresh, corporate catering in Denver.


Planning a special event can be hectic.

You have to organize all of the details, from the big ones (time, location, type of event) down to the minute ones that few will even notice (decor, music, lighting, etc.).

When you add catering services to the mix, your stress levels can become even more compounded.

But don’t freak out just yet, because Etai’s Catering is here to help.

When planning for a catered event, the last thing you want to do is have too little food. But even worse is having too much food.

That creates waste — both in perishable goods and your budget — and leaves you feeling discouraged and downtrodden.

So how can you find your “Goldilocks level” of food? What amount of catered food is just right? This helpful guide to ordering the right amount is here to help.

Keep reading for a few important tips and get help from Etai’s Denver catering services today.


How do you plan for a funeral reception?

With everything else going on, it can be a difficult thing to manage on your own. That’s why it’s important that you have the help and support system you need throughout this emotionally stressful time.

At Etai’s Catering, we want to help make your day-to-day planning simple and stress-free. When it comes to planning for the funeral reception catering, our team is here to provide the very best in fresh catering.

With online ordering, a wide range of tasteful and tasty food options, and personable customer service that you can always count on, Etai’s is here to be your companion when it comes to planning the post-funeral reception spread.

In this blog, we’ll cover a few tips on how to plan for the funeral reception catering in order to alleviate your stress. Keep reading to learn more and contact Etai’s Catering in Denver today.


Food is the highlight of any occasion.

It’s how we plan our days (and evenings).

It’s how we map out our trips to the grocery stores.

And it’s what we highlight during any event planning process.

When the time comes to figure out the food for your special event — whether it’s a birthday party, retirement celebration, graduation fiesta, or just about any other shindig imaginable — you only have but a few options.

You can cook all of the food yourself, which requires a whole lot of planning, trips to the grocery store(s), and exhausting hours in the kitchen.

If cooking isn’t quite your thing, then you can also consider hosting a potluck-style event — though somehow it seems those types of parties always end up with too many bags of chips, tubs of potato salads, store-brand cookies, and not a single main dish.

Or, you can avoid all of these hassles and headaches with special events catering from your local catering company.

Why should you hire Etai’s for your...


Do you have an upcoming early morning business meeting, product launch, employee training, or other corporate session?

If you’re the one who is tasked with planning this type of event, then you’re in for a real treat. At Etai’s Catering, we want to help make your corporate meeting and/or event go off without a hitch.

That’s why we offer delicious and fresh breakfast catering options that are ideal for these types of events.

Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to host an early morning corporate event, and keep us in mind when it comes to corporate catering in Denver.


Organizing a corporate event is no small task.

It requires foresight, attention to detail, and an innate ability to gather dozens of extremely busy business professionals in one room all at the same time.

That’s why when it comes to the food options for your event, you need a trusted corporate catering partner.

At Etai’s Catering, we specialize in serving up fresh, delicious, and healthy options for a wide range of corporate and business events — from early morning conferences to business lunches, meetings, and more.

In this blog, we’ll provide a few tips on the “do’s” and “don’ts” of corporate catering in order to help you make the right decisions when it comes to serving the busy-bodies at your business event.

Keep reading to learn more and visit Etai’s for corporate catering in Denver today.


When it comes to event planning, one aspect that you want to make sure you get right is the food spread.

Whether it’s a corporate lunch, a week-long business conference, a glamorous wedding reception, or even a graduation celebration, you want to make sure that your guests are satisfied and nourished.

In fact, the food offerings might even be a deciding factor as to whether people judge your event as a success or something more “meh.” The food might even help them decide whether or not they’ll come at all!

So in order to help your event go off without any hiccups, you need someone who is going to be able to provide not just a wide assortment of food, but also fresh, delicious food.

With all of the other things you have to juggle prior to, and during, the event, there’s just no way that you can dedicate the proper time to the spread.

And nobody wants grocery store sandwiches and off-brand chips, after all.

That’s why you need the employ professional catering services to come to the rescue. At Etai’s Catering, we help make your event a memorable...


Summertime means party time.

But what is a party without the hottest summertime sandwiches?

At Etai’s catering, we have a wide assortment of melted sandwiches, all of which are freshly made in our Denver artisan kitchens and bakeries and which are perfect for your next party or catered event.

In this blog, we’ll identify some of our hottest, most flavorful, and most popular sandwiches for the 2018 season.

Looking for Denver catering services? Then you’ve come to the right place. Browse our menu for yourself and choose your favorite sandwiches from our vast lineup and have them included in your event spread for the summer.

Now without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff — here are our favorite sandwiches for the summer of 2018.

Contact Etai’s Catering today to make your selection.


Event planning can be stressful.

On top of that, it sure can make you hungry.

That’s why whenever you’re planning an event, big or small, you need a trustworthy local caterer on your side. That’s where we come in.

Etai’s is proud to provide our fresh, high-quality Denver catering services for events of all types. We have successfully catered small corporate lunches to big-time wedding receptions, and just about everything in between.

It’s just what we do.

So while you’re working up a sweat (and an appetite) planning your event, allow us to take care of the spread. We have plenty of fresh, healthy, and delicious options from which you can choose. We cater to all types of taste buds with our options, and we’re sure that our local catering menu offers something for just about everyone.

So, now that you know that Etai’s is here to provide our Denver catering services for your next event, it’s time to get to the main course — what’s on the menu?



It’s fresh. It’s healthy. It’s delicious.

It must be Etai’s Catering.

Welcome to our blog, where we will teach you everything you need to know about our Denver catering services and why we have been the area’s top choice for fresh and local catering for events of all types.

What makes our catering services so special? It’s quite simple, really. We cater our services to you and your event, crafting the precise delicious trays, box lunches, sandwiches, salads, and desserts that you want — whether it’s a corporate breakfast, a business lunch, or your mother’s 50th birthday celebration.

We use fresh ingredients, bake many of our items right here in Denver at our state-of-the-art artisan bakery, and always pay attention to your special requests and needs.

Our aim is to help you create a memorable event with remarkable local catering services that will leave your guests far from hungry.

Keep reading to learn more about Etai’s Catering and place your order online today to get high-quality Denver catering services for your next event!